5 Reasons Why Prepackaged Weed Is Better


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I know, I know. Every cannabis-great and long-time consumer is rolling their eyes at me. But, hear me out! The legal market has opened the door to communication, and with it, we’ve all learned some new things. Like, if you said the words ‘Entourage Effect’ 10 years ago someone would assume you meant some HBO reunion. In reality, it’s the foundation of taking home quality products; just like prepackaged weed. 

So, why pre-packaged over the classic weight-out in store? The answer is complex but, also, not absolute for every situation. There are some advantages to the alternative. For the most part, however, deli-style serving is best left to on-sight consumption events and individual preference. If you want to learn about the newer style of serving, keep scrolling.


The biggest reason that prepackaged is preferred is because of cleanliness. Even without the current situation the world finds itself in, cleanliness is very important in cannabis. After all, you’re either inhaling or eating the product so I hope it’s clean… dank but clean. 

In the process of cultivating and then rolling up and smoking cannabis, a lot of hands touch the product. Only on the shop level with deli-style serving, however, will unwashed hands touch your products. Between patients inspecting it and everything in between, hundreds of germs could be crawling over everything in the shop! Not to mention, your bud becomes a haven for mold and mildew.  Pre-packing weed fixes that. Everything comes to the shop sealed and ready to sell. There is still some available to smell and inspect, but purchased products won’t be pulled from the same touched pile. 


This one goes hand-in-hand with cleanliness. When everyone’s cannabis is in one giant container, it’s consistently opened and touched throughout the day.


What do you think that does to the freshness and potency? Over time, it diminishes. Depending on the environment you grow cannabis in, this can be a factor not matter what style of serving customers. In optimal environments, there’s is no reason to make growing the supply a legal market demands any harder. Even so, why let all the hard work and passion for growing go to waste if no one can experience your product in its prime condition.

Cannabis is a plant at the end of the day; exposing it to harsh environments over and over is not healthy for it! Even so, who wants to go home with bud that’s less than you expect? Prepacked weed, in the appropriate packing, maintains freshness from seed to sale. 


This is a personal one. The reason that drives most away from the deli-style at dispensaries. It’s just inconsistent! You’re at the mercy of the budtender who may or may not, get the weight right. The reasons for that can vary. Regardless, having cannabis weighed out and double-checked beforehand alleviates the problem. If you’re picking up at the shop after a long day, that is the last thing you want is to deal with. Skip the hassle; buy pre-packaged. 


This one is for the industry; for the countless hours and long shifts. Prepackaged weed saves your company’s inventory team a load of problems. Imagine having to keep track of every single nug that you’ve ever consumed. It’s exhausting. 

Not to keep reminding you but, cannabis is a plant. Improper storage will lead to loss of product as the plant will shrink. Prepacked cannabis minimizes that loss and makes keeping track of it even easier. You know what they say: happy employees make happy customers. The easier the flow of inventory, the better flow the shop has. As a result, consumers can get in and out quickly and efficiently.


Since we’re discussing honesty, let’s be frank. You don’t know what your friend is selling you. They more than likely don’t even know. If you’re looking to consume cannabis for any targeted concern, cannabis that hasn’t been tested can’t be trusted. Unless, of course, you grow it yourself. As I stated before, many legal markets require Metric as a tracking system; as a result, all products within the system have to be tested. Most prepackaged weed in America is not just fresher and more potent than deli-served weed, it also lists its cannabinoids and terpenes for educated consumption.

In the end, there are benefits to both styles. But, as more states become legal versus the entire country legalizing, prepackaged cannabis is becoming the most effective way to sell cannabis products. Hopefully, in the future, shops can cater to both preferences as public consumption becomes a reality. In the meantime, learn what style best suits you and your consumption method. 

Happy smoking, my friends!

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Joycelin Arnold

Joycelin Arnold

Dating back to 2012, Joycelin has wrote for various online Video Game publications covering events and launches regularly. Cannabis has been with her throughout the journey, however. She officially joined cannabis industry in 2016 as a budtender and begin writing for brands and magazines in 2017. Outside of cannabis, she writes science fiction with one published novel, Siren, so far.

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