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How to make cannabis drinks with the happiest hour

THC beverages are the fastest growing segment in the cannabis space because they provide an alternative form of partaking. Infused beverages offer an easy, tasty way to medicate.

As legalization becomes more widespread, companies in the cannabis and THC beverage space are vying to capitalize by introducing tempting new products through the innovative use of molecular mixology and cocktail expertise. One brand that has created ripples in the THC beverage space with their awesome infused craft cannabis drinks and non-THC terpene bevs is The Happiest Hour.

With their thoughtful design and creative flavor pairings, The Happiest Hour has used their beverage expertise to make THC a viable alternative to alcoholic drinks.

This blog will give you information about The Happiest Hour; a company that has transformed the THC beverage space with its amazing knowledge of mixology and beverage formulation. In addition, this blog can inform your decision on how to create a successful THC beverage company.

The Happiest Hour


The Happiest Hour, a 3rd generation family business, creates terpene and THC infused beverages crafted to enhance your well-being. They are a part of Damon Industries, which is based in Sparks, Nevada. The Happiest Hour brand is set to launch more THC beverages in Nevada with the help of their Vegas Production partner. Their motto is, with the right Companion, any hour can be The Happiest Hour.

History of the Company


3rd generation beverage experts who have been making drinks for almost six decades. Specializing in juice, soda, and liquor, they expanded into THC and terpene beverages in 2018. If you’ve ever ordered a frosted cocktail on the strip, you’ve tasted their genius.

The company that made alcoholic drinks taste amazing for decades applied the same knowledge to the cannabis beverage space when recreational use became legal in Nevada. In the beginning, people partook cannabis-based drinks solely for their effect, chugging down bits of weed mixed in their drinks. The Happiest Hour was the first company that concocted drinks that were not only better in texture but were refreshing and worth savoring as well, a stellar contribution to the THC beverage space. 

The beverages made by them are on another level. Branching out of their usual alcohol space, The Happiest Hour is soon to hit the Vegas scene. With the help of their Vegas-based production partner, they are bringing their top-of-the-line THC beverages to the Nevada.

Owner and Co-founder of the Happiest Hour


Tiffany and Josh are the co-founders of The Happiest Hour. They have a team of talented people who work to move the company forward with thoughtful design, innovative new flavors, and wide-reaching sales.

Their drinks receive high praise from everyone who enjoys one!  

What are Terpenes?

They are the natural compounds found in plants that give them their distinct aroma, flavor, and effects. 

Although the cannabis industry is responsible for shining a light on terpenes, The Happiest Hour is here to educate about their benefits and bring them outside of the cannabis space and beyond with their terpene-infused Companion Shots.

THC and cannabis-infused drinks and beverages have seen large-scale acceptance in the past few years with the rise in recreational use. People who enjoy taking a refreshing drink with a little more punch should try THC beverages because they carry that unique high that can also take your taste buds for a refreshing ride. Cannabinoid drinks are also a cooler alternative to alcoholic beverages.

The Happiest Hour Products


Their non-THC bevs, called Companion Shots, are infused with unique terpene blends to help you Intensify your favorite pastime, Wake Up, Calm Down, Mend or Sleep. Intensify is a 15 mg mango myrcene shot you take up to 20 minutes before you partake to potentially Intensify your high.

Wake has 100 mg of caffeine and an uplifting blend of terpenes for increased focus and good energy without the jitters. They also make Calm that may help with anxiety, Mend for help with pain and Sleep to help catch those Zzzs.

What Makes Their THC Beverages Different?


The Happiest Hour THC beverages and mixers have 100mg of THC. Nano-emulsified, they’ll hit you in 15-25 minutes, which makes over consumption less likely. It was important to them to create a beverage so tasty, that you’d want to enjoy it even if it weren’t medicated.

The Happiest Hour bevs are a source of refreshment and a great high.

How to Get in Touch?


Currently, the Happiest Hour has around 154K followers on TikTok alone. Tiffany can be reached via direct message on Instagram and TikTok.

On Instagram, they can be found @thehappiesthour and @thehappiesthourthc. On TikTok, they can be reached @thehappiesthour.

You can also visit their website at


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