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If you haven’t noticed already, the culture of a place is important to us. The places, people, and things that push the city along under the surface are what we seek to celebrate. After all, a place is coveted because of those things. In our trips to Reno, we’ve been looking for a little more than cannabis and more of what is being shaped around it. As it has unified us all, it’s also introduced us to new people along the way. Not just anyone; but those who love their city enough to give more back to it.

Midtown Reno seems to be where most of the magic happens. Similar to the Arts District and following Fremont East in Las Vegas, the midtown and downtown parts of Reno are essential to the city’s community. During our last trip up north, we met fewer cannabis influencers and more movers and shakers in the city itself.


No, we don’t mean that kind!

Sustainability is on everyone’s minds these days. After all, it’s proven to be a brand selling point amongst millennials and Gen Z. Showcasing upcycling in a way you may not have seen, Reno’s Mike Grover is helping to restore your old glasses and find them a new home at Reno Eyeglass Repair.

Mike was introduced to the work by his brother. Even though his sibling didn’t take much liking to it, Mike made a career out of it instead. For years now, he has repaired and resold eyeglasses while watching the neighborhood change with the times. In the same fashion as his business, he has watched Reno save and restore its older culture and history versus disposing of it.


A talk about culture and a. growing community wouldn’t be complete without a local influencer. Standing out with her mission of encouragement and fashion, we met with Abbey Kay. She has been traveling and creating content for over 9 years, sharing her journey of overcoming throughout. As one of Reno’s first influencers, today Abbey shares outfits and fashion trends while traveling the state. Moreover, she started doing media and content work for other companies, both local and national.

Both Abbey and Mike remind us to live our dreams. In the process, we could easily end up helping others even find theirs. Make sure to follow both Abbey and Mike for more on them. To keep up with all things cannabis and culture, make sure to follow us.

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