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If you’re reading this article… chances are pretty good that you smoke pot. And, if you’re not smoking it, you eat it, dab it, vape it, or apply it on your body to get your fix. You’re probably high right now!

Whether it’s CBD or THC, the cannabis plant is still in its infancy when it comes to all its uses. However now more than ever, people are incorporating it into their daily routine. Instagramers and TikTokers have normalized the stoner stereotypes, which has led to the diversification of cannabis products and its consumers. Some use cannabis therapeutically for things like stress, anxiety, and depression. Others use it to reduce headaches, soothe joint pain, or even treat cancer. While the vast majority tend to use it for its recreational purposes, like getting stoned before a film or lit before class. Whatever the case may be, we all fit a certain type of stoner. Many of these stoner stereotypes are somewhat accurate. They just happen to not carry the negative connotation they once did. And if you are a pot shop owner, knowing your customer is everything. Here’s a quick rundown of the most sought after demographics in cannabis:

The Tourist

Fear and loathing stoned

We get it. You’re here to have a good time. Whether it’s Vegas, Los Angeles, or Amsterdam- people are there to party; and, with partying comes spending cold hard cash. Which is why businesses will do whatever it takes to get tourists in their door. According to a study by AmericanMarjiuana.Org, while most vacationers intend to spend an average of $208.08 at dispensaries, they actually spend an average of $264.74. That’s a lot of weed. About 57.3% of those people travel by car, while about 37% of people take a plane. More than half are sneaking cannabis products with them on the plane or car ride home, according to the study. It’s not they needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

The Yogi

Yoga and cannabis

Holistic medicine has been around since humans began tinkering with plants, and so has the lifestyle that surrounds it. Which is why the holistic yogi community is such an essential part of the cannabis community. According to yoga historians, yogis have been partaking in marijuana for centuries. Ancient yogis often consumed bhang as a part of a daily meditation ritual, which is a drink made from bud, as well as hash. Nowadays this type of stoner will just hit their vape in the LA Fitness parking lot before yoga class. Many yogis also contend that cannabis helps them develop a better connection with their bodies. Which makes sense! Cannabinoids, like CBD, and Terpenes, like linalool and myrcene, contain soothing properties that calm the mind and relieve anxiety. With bodies as fit as they are and minds at such ease… they must be onto something!

The Boomer

Boomer cannabis consumer

Woodstock, the 70’s, The Grateful Dead. These are just a few words you might hear come out of a boomer when discussing marijuana. Baby Boomers are the generation that gave birth to Gen-Xers and many of our Millennials. They lived through the era of cannabis prohibition AND the hippie movement. So you know they’ve got a lot of wisdom when it comes to weed. They’re also one of the fastest growing consumer demographic. In just four years from 2015 through 2018, marijuana use grew by 75% among Americans aged 65 and older, according to a new study. While Millennials and Gen-Xers make up a good chunk of the cannabis market, Baby Boomers are consuming more than ever before. They also have the highest disposable income of any generation. So save your “boomer” jokes. Grandma and Grandpa are lit as fuck!

The Soccer Mom

Type of stoner

There’s a reason why cannabis is the new Mommy’s Little Helper. Women make up a huge portion of the cannabis consumer base. According to a 2017 study by BDS Analytics, over 45% of cannabis users are women. In Headset’s 2019 report entitled “What Women Want in Cannabis: Shopping Trends Among Female Cannabis Consumers,” some of the most popular products among women are still classics like flower and pre-rolls, but women are the more adventurous type of stoner. They are more likely than men to try capsules, topicals and sprays. They’re also more likely to use CBD to help them with issues like menstrual cramps, body and muscle pain, and even sensitive skin. Women like things that make them look and feel good, so aesthetics matter too! Women want to feel a certain way by the beauty and quality of the packaging. If it looks bland or black market, good luck getting Becky to bring it home.

The Heady Crowd

Type of stoner

Dabs. Lots of em. Call them what you will; but, the heady crowd is responsible for much of the extract sales nationwide. They’re also mostly millennials. Millennials make up the single largest consumer base. They’re also highly educated in cannabis and know what they want. High THC and terpenes combined with the incessant urge to go above and beyond high makes this demographic the reason we have products like ice water hash and live resin sauce. Not to mention a smorgasbord of other dabble extracts available in most legal markets. This group usually tends to have much higher tolerance for THC, as well as a palate for picking up subtle nuances in flavor. They will also smoke any other group under the fucking table. It’s just science.

The OG

Type of stoner

You gotta respect the OG’s in the game. These are the real ones, the type of stoner who truly paved the way for all of this. They were in the game long before dispensaries and the medical market. Which is why this Gen-X demographic is usually looking for the best weed you have to offer. Gen-X is often overlooked when marketing cannabis, but they spend the most money of all generations per dispensary visit. Price is no issue for the OG, so long as it’s ‘the good shit’.

The First Timer

Type of stoner

I remember my first time. It was glorious! For many though, it can be very stressful. The First Timer can be from any demographic or age group. They don’t have to be a certain type of stoner yet. They are prudent and weary of the effects of THC on their mind and body. So it’s super important that you acknowledge that when assessing their recreational or medical needs. The First Timer normally tests the water with a micro-dose of THC or less than 10mg. They’ll want to gauge how they feel before diving in head first. But fear not! For every first time consumer there begins a path to new highs! Soon enough they’ll be part of the heady crowd and eventually, if they stand the test of time…an official OG.

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