September 2021

Gloved hand handling oil under microscope science

Move Over THC, Minor Cannabinoids Are Taking The Spotlight

Cannabis is a plant like any other, composed of various elements that give this crop its unique traits and characteristics. The psychoactive properties have long since held the spotlight, producing mind-altering effects attributed to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); a cannabinoid that grows naturally within cannabis and, when heated, creates psychoactive effects. However, as scientists from all over …

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outdoor concert performer on stage with large crowd Relax Park OK

Oklahoma City’s, Relax Park, Brings Cannabis Events

What is the perfect trifecta for a good time you ask? Food, Music, and Cannabis. In June, Relax Park opened in Oklahoma City; bringing a music and food event space with a dispensary right on the footprint. Owner Jason Thomas, says the idea has been a dream and he looks forward to bringing unique experiences to the venue, offering a place for people to let loose, unwind, and relax. The venue is 3.6 acres featuring an outdoor music stage, The Hub Bar, Garden Of Weeden dispensary, and a rotating line-up of food trucks.

The Eddy in Reno

Illicit Businesses & Growers Led to Grow Seized in Oklahoma

A search warrant for one of the farms near Depew was served before the event occurred. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority aided in the investigation; finding that even though one of the businesses had proper licensing, it was selling cannabis out-of-state as well as on the illicit market. The raids were a result of the state’s health department and the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority looking to expand compliance and enforcement efforts. Bureau spokesman, Mark Woodward, explained that licensing is where they are seeing the most crime at the moment; but, the department has been overwhelmed and stretched to their limit. As a result, illicit growers and “ghost owners” hide behind their lack of manpower.